Bikeman Team Photo

When Crash Addict Industries first entered the UTV racing industry in 2012, we noticed a lack of quality manufacturers and products. Coming from motocross, a racing industry where the products and machines steadily progressed over a 40 year span, we were disappointed in the capabilities of the UTV and the products that were available at that time.  Having been involved in fabrication for six years, and being held to a higher standard of quality, we were unwilling to use or promote these products. We noticed welds unfit for crucial components of a UTV, poor, weak designs, and a customer base that did not seem to understand the importance of properly designed and manufactured products. Companies were rushing products out the door, not necessarily to be the best and safest, but to be the first. 

With twenty-three years of racing experience and six years of designing and fabricating, we knew we were capable of manufacturing a superior product. We felt it necessary to educate our customers on the importance of properly engineered and assembled aftermarket parts.  

Our mission is to educate our customers and the UTV community, so that they may feel confident in their purchase of products. We strive to provide that confidence inspiring experience, and products of such exceptional quality, that it creates a desire in the customer to share their experience with others.