Energycoil RZR 900 2011-2016

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Increased horsepower
Increased torque
Improved throttle response
Improved fuel efficiency
Direct OEM replacement
Made in USA
Enhance the performance of your RZR-900 with Energycoil. Complete plug and play system that replaces factory coil and plug wires with our Energycoil coil on plug technology. Increased throttle response combined with a smoother idle that you feel and hear. Mid range acceleration and power/torque increases with a faster acceleration rate all the way to the limiter. No more cutting out or rpm fluctuation up top before rev limiter just smooth steady power. By have a hotter longer duration spark it ensures a more complete burning combustion event and that equals increased performance. Improved fuel mileage and cleaner burn also decreases emissions. Turbo applications benefit from the increased voltage output and longer hotter duration spark event from low boost to high boost get the most out of your turbo with Enerfgycoil. Electrical Specifications Primary resistance: 1.2 ohms Primary inductance: 2.4 mH Secondary resistance: 12.5K ohms Secondary inductance: 12.9 H Test voltage: 13.5V Dwell time to achieve test current: 1.3ms=5.2A, 2.1ms=7.6A Secondary available voltage: 25.2Kv @ 5.2A, 42.8Kv @ 7.6A Secondary peak gap current: 72.4mA @ 5.2A, 105.8mA @ 7.6A Spark duration: 0.910@ 5.2A, 1.435ms @ 7.6A